Mukesh Bhatt & James Lavan
We are running for South Brunswick Board !

Lets bring quality decision making back to school board which impacts every aspect of our school Ecosystem. Vote for Accountability and Transparency.

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Meet Mukesh

Mukesh lives in the Deans’ Pond community with his wife and two daughters who have been students in the South Brunswick School district for the last 8 years. Mukesh works as a business consultant and advises Fortune 500 Companies on ways to improve their cost structures by optimizing their Administration and Governance functions.

Why Mukesh is Running for School Board of Education!

Mukesh is Running for the South Brunswick School Board with the simple mandate to bring back quality decision-making since this governing body impacts every aspect of our school Ecosystem. Recognizing the importance of a strong and effective school and school board in shaping the direction of education.

Mukesh Bhatt's decision to run for the school board is driven by three primary reasons:

1• Accountability and Transparency: Over the past 4-5 years, Mukesh has observed a significant decline in the quality of the school board's performance and increased in-fighting. This decline has negatively impacted the decision-making processes which has affected both the students and their families.
2• One Side Budgets Cuts: Mukesh is concerned with the budget cuts that are occurring within the school district. He believes that while fiscal responsibility is necessary, we can do a better job of prioritizing our spending on the essential services that impact thousands of families. Mukesh believes that we can offset this spending by optimizing our maintenance and capital expenditures. Mukesh realizes that the budget battle will be challenging and will need to be waged both locally and in Trenton, but this battle can be won. There are always choices to be made, but we should never compromise the quality and richness of our children’s’ education. We also need to be mindful of the impacts these choices have on we the parents.
3• Forward thinking Education: Mukesh is a strong advocate for forward- looking education. He believes that the curriculum and educational practices within the school system should prepare students for the challenges of the future rather than clinging to the outdated methods of the past. Mukesh aims to provide students with a more well-balanced framework that balances sports, core education and extracurricular activities.

Mukesh recently led a Petition in South Brunswick to restore the courtesy bussing service. He met with every possible government representative to help restore the buses. The bus cut was an arbitrary and one-sided decision that was taken without considering the impact to the young parents who were impacted more than anyone else. LINK >>

Meet James

James Lavan lives in the Brunswick Acres community with his wife and their son who has attended school in the South Brunswick school district for the past 8 years. Jim is a 17 year teacher of Robotics, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

Why James is Running for School Board of Education!

Hello, I am running because I’m the father of a 6th grade student. South Brunswick has good schools because we have wonderful families. Unfortunately, our Board and Superintendent are losing focus on families and educating children. Instead our leadership has decided to pursue a policy of withholding information from parents precisely when children need love and support of their families the most.

James Lavan’s decision to run is based on 3 pillars:

1• Parents Rights: Parents are the #1 educators of their children. Parents are the #1 source of support and love for their children. I respect all cultures, religions, and understand that values can differ in a wonderfully diverse community like South Brunswick. As a result, I will work to ensure parents are engaged, parents are informed, and all school-based communication with parents will be transparent and fully honest.
2• Advocate for Special Education Students and Families: As the father of a child in special education classes I see the struggles of students, families, and teachers that work so hard for children that need the most support. I will tirelessly work to make sure these students do not get ignored, left behind, and receive all the services and tools they need to succeed.
3• Excellence and Equality: All students deserve the best teachers we can find. As a teacher myself I understand how crucial finding and training good staff is. As a result I will work to focus our hiring efforts on casting a wide net and hiring only teachers that have passion, knowledge, creativity, and love working with children. The priority of our Professional Development instituted will focus on providing excellence to our students rather than the latest fad.

Recent Meeting Videos

Mukesh has been actively particiating at various forums to highlight the issues.

August 9, 2023

Board of Education meeting

Mukesh Speaking at the Board of Education meeting for restoration of Courtesy busing and highlight how the South

August 9, 2023

With SB School Board

Mukesh Speaking at School Board highlighting how budget cuts Should bring responsibly to to do “more with less”

August 9, 2023

At mayor Councils

Mukesh Speaking at mayor Council to work with School system for the safety of the School kids


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